Baum Showcases Innovative EDA Solutions to Shift-Left and Accelerate Sustainable Silicon

June 10, 2024 10:00 PST | Source: Baum Design Systems Co., Ltd.

Seoul, South Korea, June 10, 2024 – Baum Design Systems offers innovative electronic design automation (EDA) products and solutions for analyzing power of chip designs enabling our customers to fully optimize the energy efficiency of their designs in early stage of design cycle. Baum will be attending DAC 2024 and will share the updated advantages of its products and solutions in Booth #1331 at the Design Automation Conference (DAC), held from June 24th to 26th at the Moscone West, San Francisco, CA, USA.

The PowerSpion

One of Baum’s flagship offerings, PowerSpion, provides comprehensive clock gating linting and efficiency analysis based on extracted clock gating structures from RTL designs. PowerSpion focuses on delivering essential clock gating efficiency metrics, such as CGR (clock gating ratio), CGE (clock gating efficiency), CGEE (clock gating enable efficiency), and OCGR (operational clock gating ratio). PowerSpion provides accurate clock gating metrics without the need for computation-intensive power estimation, which often suffers from large errors and slow runtime, making it faster and more lightweight than other tools. The OCGR waveform is particularly useful for customers who need to monitor scenario-specific power waveform as it aligns closely with cycle-accurate power profiles.

In addition to clock gating efficiency metrics, PowerSpion offers a range of clock gating linting capabilities to identify and report erroneous usage of clock gating in designs without requiring vector-based analysis. These features empower RTL developers to seamlessly integrate low-power design considerations into their daily workflows without the overhead of time-consuming gate-level power analysis.

The PowerBaum

PowerBaum automatically generates power models from design sources and characterizes gate-level behavior to achieve very high accuracy. The power models run in higher abstraction environments, such as RTL/ESL simulation and hardware emulation to achieve orders of magnitude performance improvement compared to competing solutions in the market. PowerBaum facilitates system-level simulations with realistic workloads, enabling users to generate power profiles spanning billions of clock cycles. These profiles can then be analyzed for power debugging purposes. With dynamic power analysis capabilities, users can easily pinpoint the specific parts of the design consuming excessive power and take corrective action.

The latest version supports a new feature of “Power Equation”, which is a much simplified power model. The equation can be tailored for HW power monitor implementation, facilitating real-time and fine-grained power management decisions such as Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) to meet power and thermal budget or alleviate voltage drops.

The PowerWurzel

PowerWurzel is Baum’s gate-level power analysis solution. It can be integrated with PowerBaum (while power model is generated), or can be used as a stand-alone product. It can read in RTL FSDB as well as standard gate-level FSDB; the conversion of RTL to gate-level FSDB is performed internally before actual power analysis is performed on the netlist. The conversion itself can be used as a useful function because extraction of gate-level FSDB through simulation is an expensive process.


One of Korea’s largest fabless AI accelerator companies recently adopted PowerSpion and plan to use it for optimizing power consumption of its flagship AI chip. Additionally, the country’s leading enterprise SSD controller company adopted PowerSpion to drive power-aware RTL development.

About Baum

Baum provides innovative electronic design automation (EDA) products and solutions for analyzing power of chip designs enabling our customers to fully optimize the energy efficiency of their designs in early stage of design cycle. Founded in 2016 by seasoned semiconductor professionals with technical, R&D, and business development expertise, Baum is privately held and funded.

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